My video about how I loved Multi-Con VR!

Hi everyone,

My name is AdMan. I’m a little nervous to post, as I’m not really a part of your community here. I don’t know anything about programming or 3D modeling or anything, so that’s all over my head. However, I’m good at making videos, so this is something I wanted to share.

When I went to Multi-Con, I was blown away. I went in really not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t spent much time at all with High Fidelity. Then the con arrived and I loved everything about it! I had never really imagined how an entirely virtual convention could work, but you guys nailed it!

Why I’m here is this. I’m on YouTube, and I just couldn’t resist making a video. I really appreciated what was done here. It was brilliant. It deserved a ton of attention. I’d love to see more like this. So, I made a video shouting praises for Multi-Con VR (took me a while, I know a lot of time’s passed already). I have a series on YouTube called First Try! VR, where I try different VR titles and give reviews based on my first impressions.

This kind of thing is very outside what I normally work with. I’ve never covered/reviewed a live event before. I aimed for professionalism (and some family-friendly humor too).

I hope you all enjoy it, as I put a lot of time into it. Please remember that the nature of my videos are largely about what I learned during gameplay, hence why these are “first try” videos. So I couldn’t really do too much research into High Fidelity or Multi-Con for that reason. So if I got anything wrong or I misunderstood anything, I’m sorry!

Please give the video a look! I’d appreciate it and I hope you’ll all enjoy it. Thanks!

The video about how I loved Multi-Con VR!


I’ll be honest, I didn’t watch the entire video, it was 25 minutes and I just didn’t have the time. BUT BUT BUT I watched the first 10 and it was GREAT. Solid production value. You’re charming and fun to watch. You did a great job of introducing the event and High Fidelity and VR in general. As a member of this community, thanks man. Solid props to you and I hope you come back and make more.

I really liked your video! Regular users here can wind up living in our own little bubble, so even though I may have enjoyed Multi-Con, it is great to know that someone outside saw the same immersive experience that I did. Hope you’ll consider hanging out with us from time to time at smaller gatherings. :slight_smile:

That means a lot! I’m glad people are liking it so much! I put a ton of effort into these videos.

I do just wish I could have made it shorter. I was aiming for 15 minutes, and when I practiced my notes I was hitting about 15 minutes. Dunno how it always stretches out once I’m recording. I cut a lot out but I didn’t want to lose any more. But you know what they say, the camera always adds 10 minutes or something like that.

I’m totally going to be keeping tabs on this app, I wanna watch it grow and when I get a chance I’ll spend some more time in there.

Thanks a ton! From the outside looking in, I really liked what I saw here. I definitely want to keep an eye open for whatever comes next here. I’m sure I’ll be jumping in again and watching this place grow!