My voice is garbled/choppy to others



Using the Rift mic, I tried talking just now in Sandbox, and was told that my voice was all broken up. The voices of the two other people close to me had been choppy to start with , but had cleared-up by that point and sounded good.

Menithal suggested I turn off ‘Output starve detection’, which I did but it didn`t seem to help. So he suggested that I ask around here in case anyone mght have any ideas. Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Internet connection: 4.26 Mbps download, 0.23 Mbps upload.
Processor: Intel Core( i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.5GHz
Windows 7.


A choppy/buzzy voice is commonly the result of connecting via an older WiFi access point. It definitely happens with the older Linksys, TrendNet WiFi APs. The reason is that older access points have insufficient bandwidth and buffers to pass through the UDP packets without dropping most of them.

Many months ago I dumped my old WiFi APs and got a Nighthawk X6 which works extremely well with HF.

It is also possible that on a wired connection, one of the switches or even router box might do the same thing if it has insufficient buffers to prevent packet dropping.


Testing your audio for choppiness

This is a common problem with High Fidelity because audio and voice chat is basically a form of VOIP (voice over IP) whichplaces greater demands on your network. To determine if your network switches, router, or WiFi access points are up to the task of clean audio, go to a quiet domain then enable ‘echo server audio’ you will hear yourself (slightly delayed) as you speak into the microphone. Any choppiness suggests you may need to ugrade your WiFi access point. If choppiness happens on a wired connection, that suggests your network connection might be too slow. HF does not work well on mid-tier DSL. If you are on blazing internet and still choppy then your router or Ethernet switches might be the culprit.

If the developer menu heading is not displayed, go to the settings menu and enable the developer menu heading:

About bandwidth usage

HIgh Fidelity consumes significantly higher resources than legacy grids to achieve low latencies and high quality audio and voice chat. In a low content domain with no activity, the upstream bandwidth is approximately, 512-700Kbs while the downstream bandwidth is 128Kbs.

When noise reduction is enabled (it’s a good thing to do), the upstream bandwidth drops significantly while the sound levels interface hears are below the noise mute threshold. When you speak (or other loud background sounds happen), the bandwidth climbs to 700Kbs.


Great, thanks for all the info Balpien!

That prompted me to upgrade my Internet package from an ancient “Uploads up to 0.8 Mbps” to “Uploads up to 10 Mbps”, which oughta help slightly :wink:

Looking forward to getting in and meeting you all some time soon.