My VPS server benchmark data


Ok, just got my VPS server, first thing you do (after changing language to english and replace the menu for classic shell) is some benchmarks. I did the benchmark on my server we used with last meeting to. and the results are good good high fidelity !

First my home server, not so much to say, its AMD x6 - 1045T with at that moment a maximum network speed around 16Mbit upload and 100Mbit download.

Passmark benchmark.


Now i have done the same on the VPS, it’s a 6 vCore with 6GB memory.

Sofar it looks all fine, offcorse this can mabye drop a bit in heavy hours. but it’s still better then my home connection that i have downgraded to a lower speed. from the money i save i can rent the VPS :smile:


Hmm, for soem reason after reinstalling today the operating system am on different hardware with lower cpu clock. Going to ask question about that. Network speed is still good.