My windows domain not connected this morning


Can anyone get to free or shop? I cant.
It’s up2date and stuff looks to be running but when I go there I get no servers.

Is anyone running a windows stackmanager having a problem ?
I ask before trying anything destructive like reinstalling it or fire wall shenanigins as it was fine yesterday


same here, Judas. I just updated the stack manager to be sure, but I am not connected. Tried free as well…no go.


says ‘shop’ - ‘Not connected’ my local domain 'arklo ’ also reports ‘Not Connected’, but then i don’t have an avatar either which does seem to ask questions about the nature of my existence here


From my not updated domain to shops = not connected. Lucky that i am slower with updating the stack manager this days.


Confirmed it is down.


@chris - can you check to see if there’s a problem with ICE services? I can connect to stack running manual networking but not same configured with automatic networking, it looks like Interface isn’t getting routing info back from ICE.


Just updated stack-manager. teleported to sandbox and back. it’s working. but where crashing straght after that. interface build 3764. Updated interface to latest 3777. it still works for me.

I have automatic network disabled. because that worked always much better.


@Richardus.Raymaker Full automatic networking is fairly critical to working properly if HF is to have any hope of having the grand vision of “millions” of systems contributing processing power.

With automatic networking; User installs stack and sets full automatic, if that system is on a home LAN behind a NAT router they have to do all of nothing to have their domain reachable.

Without automatic networking; If user wishing to run stack is, as above, on a home or other LAN behind a NAT router they’d have to do the following to make it work

Open inbound ports of certain numbers and insure those ports incoming connection route to LAN IP address stack is running on. This means LAN IP really should be set to static value so routing rule always works, yet another step.

Compared to lots of things to do or use this automatic thing and it just works – it’s not hard to see which will be choice of the masses.

Yes - if you’re on something like a droplet or VPS that has a reachable IP address that’s not firewalled - there’s no real reason to use full auto except that the more of us using it the more it can be exercised and weaknesses found in HiFi’s ICE service.


Not going against it. but i just noticed it seems that full automatic gives mopre problems. Need a big iron for it. :smile:


Yes :slight_smile: My hope is by using it and yelling when broken it will get stronger for its work ahead we all hope for.


My windows domain updated now wont start

i tried rebooting and nothin
i uninstalled and re installed and nothing its only getting to local host
I cant get to the settings webpage thing
mile of blurb from the assignment client log log but nothing in the domain one

it says its up2 date thurs jan14th

any ideas


Just updated my stack-manager and it’s working normal.


No idea if there’s a connection or not, but… I’ve noticed today that initial connections to stack services running on my linux server were very very slow. I’d get the connected sound but ping states to various bits stayed -1 and nothing rezzed. Restarted stack a few times then got distracted looking at an email, came back after about 2 minutes and domain was loaded up. Restarted stack a couple times and saw same thing - very slow to connect then fine after it finally worked once.


its not doin a thing still , thanks for the idea, ill leave it a week and try again


@Judas – by any chance, do you use full automatic networking setting for yours? ICE server doesn’t seem to be working again and that would stop negotiation of connection if you’re not accessing via localhost or using an ip address as location.


i cant even get into its settings. imma update windows and try again


Did the stack manager go 64 bit only in the last 24 hours? @leo


@Judas not the stack manager but the stack itself (assignment-client and domain-server) I moved over to the 64 bit environment just this morning. You on a 32bit platform?


kerching , we have a winner
what happened to the " oh you can run a server on a toaster ethos"
ill see if mi old laptop will reinstall in 64 bit

ok that took no time ¬.¬ but we is back in buisness