My wish list - 2015-02-11


This is my wish list based on things that I have encountered so far with hifi. The items are not in any order other that when each occurred to me.

Add a set of proximity bounds to entities that are configurable by script control.

When an avatar has entered the bounds of an entity and then does a teleport the exit bounds event is generated. Remove this event under these circumstances.

Add a configurable name for entities. If there are a number of the same entity in an area it is very difficult to identify them.

Add the capability to teleport between worlds.

Add some user storage space inside entities.

Allow for sub entity operations.

Allow for the grouping of entities into new entities.

Allow for the moving of entities between active display and storage of some type.

All for the cut and past of entities.

Add a communications mechanism between entities and between entities and avatars.

Allow collisions to be changeable by script.

Allow visibility to be changeable by script.

Make models.svo a directory instead of a binary file. Contents of the directory would be text files. Have a second directory that is the ‘not currently in world’ storage.

Create some mechanism whereby it is possible to easily discover what has changed in docs, etc.

I do realize some of this may already be extant but I haven’t yet stumbled across it.


Just thought that I would revisit this wish list that I posted a couple of months ago. Not much has changed although I did find a way to teleport across domains down in some script. I need to go find that again and get back to working on my teleport experiments.