My world invisible under other user


I have a problem. I deployed the server and client on one computer. The client created the model. On another computer, I deployed only the client and joined the server. However, the created world was not seen by another client. Empty world. What do you need to see the model of another client?
May be i have this problem, becouse I don’t purchase a Place Name? If this really, then can me resolve without purchase a Place Name?

Thank you so much.
Sorry for my English.
I am not programmer, so use only setting server and client.

Use Windows 7


You can
Your server have a temporary place name (not published)
you can get this name in the server setting (http://localhost:40100/settings/ from your server computer)
check under “settings (tab) > Places / Paths


Thanks for the answer.
I already received this link earlier in the path you specified. From another computer under another user joined the server. However, instead of the model created by the first user, I hung in the air and there is not a single object around. That is, the model created by the first user is visible only to himself, and the other is not visible. Maybe this model should be saved as something to be seen by the second user?

Thank you.