My Yearly 5 Hours of Renewing Place Names


Posting my yearly suggestion that a shopping cart (or something) be added so place names can be renewed all at once rather than having to renew all twenty, one at a time (pain in the ass!!!).


I think the ability to transfer a placename to someone else would be a welcome addition.


Not to think it’s funny but if you look at how many times documentation has been taken down and do it over again for just updated information on the software it comes close to that.
So maybe if someone comes up with the way to fix your problem it may make more work for them.
Oh and happy new year.


Just out of curiosity, why do you have 20 place names? …are these all in use currently, or is it more for speculation?



They are secured for future development :slight_smile:


Better a little more work for one person than more work for everybody.