Myriad Group bugs


I was cleaning out my account, and ran into (not surprising) a myriad of group bugs:

  • Cannot download the group contents (no way to back it up)
  • No mechanism to upload group structure from a backup
  • Cannot delete a group at all. Stuck with it until expiry
  • Cannot close a group while members are in it
  • Cannot close a rank while members are in it
  • Can only close a rank by deleting one member at a time (quite tedious)
  • When ejecting member from my test group one of them (dear Richardus, thank you for volunteering to test) could not be deleted.

HF mgt/devs please fix at least the unable to delete a member bug. Also, delete this group entirely as I am done with it. Please refund my $5 too. I do not intend to use groups. Thank you.