Name this location


Interface 393 on Mac

Tried to name my home location

Message: “we need to tie this location to your username, please login first. Then try naming the location again”

I’m already logged in --> I login again via Interface - login etc
But same message appears

Maybe this naming functionality works on Windows but not yet on Mac build ?


Hi Robertus,

Can you confirm that you are logged in? The best way to do that is to make sure your username shows up in the title bar.



@Chris, yes I’m now on Mac version 401, same behaviour
See screenshot


Logout and log back in. I can not see your username in the screen shot you sent me which could be an issue with you login.


@Chris Done and same, see screenshot

I just built a red voxel on var x = 6042; var y = 202; var z = 6402;
During all build versions I always noticed the file login seems to have no effect

Also no File logout, just quit Interface


Hi Robertus,

Do you have Skype? Let’s have a call and work this out.



@Robertus do you perhaps have an existing Qt version installed in the system? It’s really curious that you’re not getting the existing options in the menus, and I’m wondering whether this may be caused by an older/incompatible version of Qt being used instead of the one included in the installer bundle.


@Robertus also, can you confirm your credentials are working by going to and logging in with them. It’s actually likely that you are not getting authorized and thats why you keep getting a login (and no logout) option in the menu.


@Chris and @leo

Last days were a little busy, but I’m back :smile:
I have no Skype
I can confirm Qt version 7.7.3
Succes with login