Nameserver not working?


I have 3 out of 4 domains not connecting via placeName, but if I use the IP it connects. (all 3 the same)

All domains are running, all settings are good (except it lost all its audio zone data but thats another thread)

This leads me to believe the nameserver is not connecting.


Yeah, I’m having the same problem. Program log full of endless…
[03/28 18:01:37] [DEBUG] Waiting for ICE discovered domain-server socket. Will not send domain-server check in.
[03/28 18:01:37] [DEBUG] Sending packet to ICE server to request connection info for peer with ID “66599647-fff8-4447-b2fc-91dc9e2500a8”
… and can’t connect to own domain except via IP address (localhost)


We’ve been having issues with the ice-server locking up since introducing the public key signatures for domain-servers. I’m looking into this now.



Yes, I am experiencing the same issue. Started a few releases ago.


I have kept up to date with releases here the last few days but tonight all of a sudden I can not access my Capitola domain through the name or through the IP and port address. Wonders why it worked earlier after I updated domain and interface, but now after updating both does not work at all.


Seems to be working again for me.