Narrow strip of properly lit space when shadows rendered


Just putting this out there in case it is something other than my using the OSS Radeon Drivers (so if it isn’t something that looks immediately recognizable/fixable don’t devote any time to it for now!).

This is with shadows turned on (I have been turning them off as a work-around for now).
The strip runs along the X plane right across the space and stays with the camera if moving on the z axis.


Yes, I have a severe version of your problem. It started quite some time ago. No one seems to care much about my problem. You can see it about 45 seconds into this vid:


And, thank you for mentioning shadows. t turns out my problem is a bug in no-shadows rendering!


That blocky colour-bizzaro looks familiar too! I got it in pink around my toadstool until I removed the local light source I had temporarily placed there before I fiddled my zone lighting to not need it.

As mentioned, I am using an AMD card (Bonaire XTX R7 360). On OSS Radeon drivers under Debian/testing, so I generally default to assuming issues are on my side unless I see others’ having the same problems.