NASA released open & free software and 3D models


NASA released a treasure trove of image manipulation, feature extraction, image compression and simulation software. They also release a bunch of 3D models. This is all free courtesy of U.S. taxpayers.


This would be cool to drive around, and it’s a Blender file!


Yes, the Curiosity Rover is a perfect companion for the playa domain. That particular model is highly detailed. It will take a bit of work to lower its poly-count.

The crawler is 146,000 poly. It too can use some decimation work.


I’ve been trying to read in these forums about the state of vehicle development in HiFi. I swear I saw someone in Welcome flying around in/on one of those MiniCooper cars from the Clara marketplace. But it seems that functionality is still in the works.


@menithal, you can tell more about verhicles.


That must have been either Chocka or me.
We just grabbed the MiniCooper and held it in front of us while flying around.
Fake it till you make it :wink:

@Menithal did fly around for real in his spacecraft though!