Need a public folder


now that Drop Box took away the public folder does anyone know of any free ones to save our items to for HiFi?


In principle ANY VPS host. I have a server for my sites which works perfectly also for this, as well as Teamspeak servers etc. I got it from Ramnode. There are more hosters, like OVH etc. I mean as long as you have FTP/shell access you can upload resources. (Like a website)

I heard you can also use Github etc. but I wouldn’t know how, maybe someone knows and/or has a list of more free hosting resources for stuff. Gracias! :slight_smile:


For now, I use the otherwise-unused-by-me* free HTTP hosting space that comes with my ISP connection. Any place that can serve a web page should be able to serve an asset, I believe.

_* I don’t use this space as I have alternate space with my registered internet domain for my actual web content to sit on, though I could serve from there too (I don’t for demarcation/privacy reasons between different parts of my life).


You can use Photobucket for textures. Photobucket Albums can be designated as a directory URL for the “texdir” in the FST file. Just copy the “direct” URL of a texture in one of your albums, and then remove the filename at the end (______.png)

The FBX still has to be hosted somewhere else though. Your own local ATP server will work. On my domain I have many textures loaded from Photobucket, while the models and FST files are on my ATP. The textures are the ones that take the longest to load, so loading those separately and remotely lessens the burden on my weak connection.

Surprisingly, Puush will also work as a host for textures and models, but only if 1) you use a FST file to explicitly specify the URLs to both your texture and model, and 2) your model has only a single texture. This is too limiting in most cases but for small or simple props, it works well.


thanks all for the feed back, today i’ll do some experimenting and see what i find.