Need easy program (with readable font) to fix mixamo avatars ? and for making mesh and paint it with texture brush


Anybody knows easy program to fix the mixamo avatars ? It get a bit annoying that we still need to walk around with broken ones.
Also for painting mesh it would be nice and easy blender feels difficult with PBR…
Need to be something that is easy to learn. blender works now but, still many things unknown.

There’s 3D-coat but i need to have a good month to try that again, and not sure with font. I know someone that is using it, and i hear it can help me with painting mesh terrain.

Z-Brush to expensive.

Maya is terrible. and not cheap. also it’s a big clutch of windows and unreadable text. and you cannot buy it.


So what packages do you have more. No subscription based things.


Probably not what you were hoping to hear, but I would have to still recommend Blender.
You can fix the avatar PBR issues very quickly, I’m sure someone put up a video, I’m happy to walk you through it if you need further assistance.

Mesh/texture painting in Blender is not as full featured as some packages, but you can paint good looking terrain meshes with it if you stick with it. Some good tutorials around, otherwise I’d suggest Substance Painter but that’s not free.


I know blender is good. but i do not get the PBR fixt for the mixamo avatar. i tried it once, and that did not work. Now i do not know what todo :open_mouth:

I prefer todo as much as possible in blender.

@Triplelexx , It would be nice to know how to fix it. because the same problem appeared on some other mesh object too.


If you just want to remove the shine on the avatar you can import it into Blender, then you will want to set the roughness channel to appear white and the metallic to appear black.

Roughness is mapped to the Blender material’s specular hardness value, metallic is mapped to specular intensity.

So you can make the avatar just use a normal and color texture in the material, then set the specular intensity to black and the specular hardness to a high value like 510.

Maybe that helps.


Tried a few things, but i still get stuck on the main problem.
I do not get the alpha fixed. gloss, shiny that’s not a big problem for now, the alpha is !

And that alpha already did bite me with soem other object to. The devs broke it. and where week or mabye longer now with this problem. and it’s still not fixt.

And i get a bit :angry: from the broken alpha that seems to spread over more things. I think the go look at it. But not heared anything anymore after sending some object to it with the same problem.

And nobody really can explain how to fix it in easy clear way.
That’s one of the reasons i where looking to other program, that mabye fix the alpha bug by make the texture or setting compatible with hify.

@Caitlyn Do you know the status about the broken alpha on mixamo avatars and also other objects ?


That has how i do transparency In it


Need to watch that on big screen.
Problem is, i can make content like the snappytree’s fine with alpha. And other time like the mixamo avatar’s it’s failing a bit. also tried a tree that i failed with complete.

Mabye i know what i did wrong, back to the testlab…

@judas, need to watch your video. But i cannot trust High Fidelity or i cannot trust bvlender. in render mode it looks perfect in Blender. material mode depends on if you have selected the part or not. and in high fidelity the result is again complete different.

Still think that high fidelity have a problem. Or someone need to tell me the correct program to fix it. no not maya , see topic header,



Hey all, I’m going to ask the devs…


It’s on the to-fix list, sorry about that guys


High Fidelity is making it difficult for people to keep doing something.

Objects with alpha, broken
Avatars still look ugly because the same alpha problem.

I justn tried to fix the last nice tree i found again. (Devs have the files) It looks fine in blender. But still in high fidelity it works or it works not. With this nice tree i found on the internet. It works not !

And for scripting it just not the right time to start with it. don’t know why.

Thanks anyway for checking !


Sorry Richardus, we’re on it


We keep moving. But i better move a bit slower. It’s summer anyway. :slight_smile: Thanks.