Need for collaborative tools (e.g., shared web browser, PDF viewer, etc.)


Hi Folks,

I’m not sure if this belongs in the development section or here, so my apologies in advance if I’m posting to the wrong forum.

I’m writing this post in the hopes that it starts a discussion around collaborative tools in High Fidelity. Examples would be a collaborative web browser, PDF viewer, VNC viewer, etc.

Our project is a university project and focuses on computer-supported collaborative learning in virtual worlds. I’ve been working in this area since 2003 and cut my teeth designing and developing for open source systems like Croquet, Cobalt, Qwaq, OpenSimulator, and Open Wonderland. Now we’re playing in the High Fidelity sandbox, and I’m finding that many of the learning designs that we found to be particularly effective using other systems are simply not possible in HiFi.

An example would be Open Wonderland’s collaboration architecture. Here’s a slideshow illustrating how we were able to collaboratively engage in software development within Open Wonderland virtual worlds: Another example would be some of the work of my colleague, Michael Gardner, who developed some remarkably innovative learning environments using this toolkit (see here). Despite its many strengths, High Fidelity is not able to support any of the activities outlined above.

I would welcome tools that would allow for collaborative use of browsers, presenting, and other collaborative activities. While HiFi is an incredibly advanced toolkit for developing virtual worlds, unfortunately, I believe that computer-supported collaborative work is an area where HiFi is particularly weak.

A potential solution that would get a lot of mileage would be to add collaboration features to the existing browser. This would open a world of educational and vocational training opportunities that are not currently possible in HiFi.

What thoughts do you all have?

Virtuoso Project Lead


I didn’t realize your team was based so close.
I feel personally compelled to meet with you and your team if you’ll agree to it.

I own and operate Metaverse Studios LLC and I think we could both gain from working together.

I’m an old alpha with a decent framework that operates on top of high fidelity and makes it a bit easier to work with. I’m geographically “down the road” lets do lunch sometime soon. I trust our platform will fulfill your needs.