Need help Launching Android Interface in Pixel 2 XL


I downloaded and Installed Interface from the Google Store for my Daydream VR headset running on Android Pie on my Pixel 2 XL. However, when my phone launches the Day dream App when i put on the Headset, I start at Daydream Home and cannot find or search for Interface Or any High Fidelity App to run the program. Outside the headset, I can Find, Launch Interface and Log-in, but cannot do this while wearing headset


The App is actually called High Fidelity - Live VR Experiences (Unreleased) in the Google Play store. After putting on Daydream headset, I cannot find this App to launch it


That’s because DayDream VR mode isn’t working yet, so it just works as a full screen app at this time. In theory, this means any phone could run it but the DayDream flag prevents it due to a longer term goal that hasn’t been met yet.


Thanks for your quick Reply. I think I might just wait till I meet MY long term (Spring 2019) goal of buying an Oculus Quest (formerly Santa Cruz) for $399. Will have way better experience with that mobile headset :slight_smile: