Need help setting up Amazon EC2 Server for Instance Server


Help would greatly be appreciated setting up the Amazon EC2 server. I have followed the steps provided by the doc page regarding using Amazon servers.

Link provided here

I have gotten as far as:

  1. Making an Amazon account.
  2. Setting up and running a t2.small instance server running windows server 2016 base.
  3. Installing High Fidelity and the Sandbox.

But once I try to execute the High Fidelity Interface I get a message along the lines of

“application was unable to start correctly (0x00007b)”

The Sandbox icon will be visible but when I try to start it it does not run.

If anyone has experience running Amazon EC2 servers, please let me know if you have found the cause of this issue.


Solved Issue.

The solution turned out to use a newer version of the High Fidelity Build. The current build I am using is the 6946. I reinstalled on the Amazon server with the 6952 build and it runs.

Weird case of trial and error, the newest version (build 6971) wouldn’t allow my older client build (build 6946) to connect. Build with the same version (build 6946) on the Amazon server wouldn’t run.

If anyone else has this problem I hope this helps.