Need help with texture paint in blender


So if I use just a texture I can tile it so it looks ok. But if I use texture paint, it won’t tile, no matter what I try. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

Also does anybody know where the tutorial for hosting on Amazon aws went?


Hi Tim, texture painting assumes that the model is unwrapped, with a goal to creating a single non-tiled texture for the model. While it is technically possible to tile and image and then paint with it, it’s not really the same thing as tiling and image with the u/v repeats.



Hmmmmm, not the answer I was hoping for, but the answer I was kind of expecting. To my mind I would think that you should be able to paint with a tiled texture.

Anyway, thanks for the response @whyroc. Looks like I’ll have to hack something together in Gimp.



Hi, Do you mean painting your own texture to be tiled on model like this:

Or “tile painting” an existing texture onto the model like this:

both should be possible, even at the same time but it is hard to make it look good


I’m trying to paint a terrain. If I just use the grass texture I can tile it like in your figure 1. But when I paint with the grass texture like in your figure 2, it doesn’t tile it will only paint 1 to 1.

Does that make sense?


What you can do is set up the tiling image in the regular UV layout, then bake the texture down, then do the same thing for the next terrain layer.

Then you can go into texture paint and add the first texture as the base, while cloning the second layer on top.

(blender has changed this a bunch … not to familiar with the 2.6+ tool but its possible)

This still requires to model to be unwrapped cleanly, and might end up with a very large texture.



ehhh, I played a bit with it (at work so no problem) and I don’t think I understand how it works, always getting tiling though, I figure if UV layout is 1:1 with the texture you are painting on, then 1 brush size equals 1 full texture, unless ‘repeat’ in image mapping is not 1, or size in texture tool menu is not 1?

sorry this is is beyond my blender level so my advice is: click EVERYTHING, that’s what I do and sometimes something works.


I hear you, that’s what I’ve been doing too, nothing I’ve tried works for this.

I’m hacking something together in gimp that should look ok.