Need to load data from file on disk. how with script?


Not sure how much is supported with scripting.
I need to load data from local disk (or some webpage if thats only way)
and then use the data in javascript with hifi.

But, not get any data loaded. only see errors on the console.
And javascript is not a nice langauge to debug or test. (not found a good easy emulator)


How are you trying to do it? Share a snippet and let’s try to figure out it together.

I believe that you are currently limited to operations described in here:

If your data is settings see the settings API described in that wiki page.


Thats a bit the problem, tried a few examples from internet. but the are more web/browser based" and some commands created console errors. I need to dig around more in javascript to see if there are better ways.

But like you say and confirm and what where expect a bit
HiFi possible dont support that option right now.
Need to look around a bit more… comeing back


Yes, I think we need to think these things as two separate things. There is the language/syntax called javascripts and then there is the execution environment were the javascript is running. Eventhough the language/syntax is same the execution environment is different. Which means that you do not have the same API calls available as when your javascript is running inside web browser. From the wiki page you can see what APIs you have in use when you run your javascript inside HiFi execution environment. I would also encourage to study the examples folders which has several good examples on howto use those API. This is so new stuff here that you cannot yet google that much.