Nefertari's tomb


I had a chance to explore Nefertari’s tomb earlier today. It was a cool experience, but I remembered a version that was demoed in HiFi based on photogrammetry.

A tour based on this data set is available on Steam for free. I was wondering if it would be possible to show off the archival version. The version created with photogrammetry that was on HiFi before. Is there a problem with the file size (I think its a 13gb install on steam) or with ownership rights to the data?


It is was one of the best HF Experience 2018.
With the Viewer Version 77 I could enjoy they stable!


I asked during the first tour if this was the same group that had developed the Nefertari’s Tomb tour on Oculus/Steam, and it turns out that was created by a different set of developers. Thought you’d like to know :slight_smile: Personally, I think the HiFi version was incredible primarily because it was socially interactive. Every tour will be different simply because different groups will notice different things, have different questions, etc. While the Steam/Oculus versions may be capable of higher resolutions, I imagine it’s a “canned” single-player experience. I’ll have to look myself. I’ve had it downloaded forever and haven’t taken the time to check it out, which is true of oh so many titles, lol.


Correct, we don’t have the license to tour people through the photogrammetry version of the tomb.

However, there will be a number of Queen Nefertari’s Tomb Experiences throughout January. Check out the calendar here and get tickets here.


Wonderful! I plan to attend one of the January guided tours and write about it for my blog :slight_smile:


The fact that all of the Saturday tours are sold out highlights the need for more events on the weekend in High Fidelity.
I hope this event continues, because I would like to attend in the future. Thanks.


Thank you for your feedback regarding the weekends! Yes, we will be adding more tours in January soon. I’ll edit this post with the link when we do (likely in the next 1-2 days).

Edit: Two new tours are available now on the Eventbrite page, Jan. 18 (2pm) and Jan. 25 (10am).


Wow, the tomb tour was great! Thanks Bethany and everyone involved in bringing this to us!
Learning and teaching are going to be so much fun in the years to come.