Netspeed test results so we can brag or cry about our net speed




I’m gonna cry compared to the previous two!


You got nothin to cry about


Hates! @Judas !!!


@Adrian - I thought mine was bad - using Portuguese Internet Donkey’s to run the connection. What are you using?

PS I’ve dropped @Judas & @mind off my christmas card list.



Got a better upload and ping:


Im jealous of @mind thats fantastic :slight_smile:


(note, this is after upgrading to “our fastest”. Google Fiber can’t come fast enough.


75 and 5



Thinks I am fighting with Adrian for bottom spot - todays result is pretty good for me, Did this 2 days ago and got download of 4…

Says ping is 1 here but i just re-tested and got 12 and an excellent rating - interesting given all the sound problems I have


Home is good… but this is Verizon in the US, so the connection to peers and CDNs can be severely limited depending on who is fighting with who.



Just upgraded speed. Without rate limiting set in the local switch.

Desktop , have set rate limiting in local switch for it.

Server side of my network, have set rate limiting in other local switch

High Fidelity is going to be set below this level, when i have a server running


Ok, now I just want to bawl. Or move somewhere else.


As long as we have a wide mix of highspeed to lowspeed internet connections HF has to get an option for adjusting its bandwidth needs.

Otherwise we’ll lock out a significant part of our potential userbase.


I think it’s safe to say that it’s too early to make a prediction on what bandwidth will be available to users by the time HF is popular. The bandwidth the developers have now may very well be the low end of the future.