New 1080P Cameras 60fps / Sensors (Web Cameras) Tracking Possibilities 3D Scanning Open Source


What are your choices well it’s just about to open up

The first web camera from SUB2r Is the one you can truly mess around with you could say it’s open source
The basic principle is you be able to change anything and adapt it to your specifications For the future

And yes this would work with like Face Tracking Very well
Launching Soon Alpha 1080p 60fps
There is definitely load of applications for this

The next one is from Intel real sense

This camera is about to be released publicly as well from razor It has extra sensors like on the kinect

It also able to Face Tracking and Hand Tracking

Video Streaming
720p at 60 frames per second video capture optimized for streaming
1080p at 30 frames per second video capture for video conferencing
Depth Range Approximately 20cm to 150cm

More to be added later


I recently got a RealSense sr300. I’ll be spending time trying to figure out how to connect it to interface. It will not be easy since the big chunk of code (now basically gone) is the faceshift point cloud to facial morph logic.


Me too, on the sr300, but I don’t have the chops to play with it in HF. My best shots are going to be Web and Unity.


Interesting, thanks!

Just FYI if someone would write drivers for the PS4 eye for windows it would be a good USB3 camera as well (if you solder a USB3 cable to it). Can do stereo 60fps at 720p or 120fps at lower resolution.