New Alpha Experience & Engagement


What would be essential now that we are expanding the alpha to brand-new content creators would be a forced landing point to a Sandbox area (@judas has completed construction) to which the new alphas would immediately see something along the lines of instructional flash cards inside the sandbox to help them engage the content and their peer users.

If we can initially integrate the Tox.IM open source chat solution as well, we could connect them and better engage them right from the start.

This could explode the content creation and debugging capability to help gear us to the next level.



To add to the idea I really messily threw together a Prezi roughing out the kind of things a new Alpha person needs to know
the titles in this could link to videos we made or the wiki

would love to use prezi on a web window in world btw :slight_smile:


Do you give free hardhats out ? :smile:


Sort of a Public Island of Help? :smiley:

I think a starting place would be a great idea. Could be a place were new and seasoned could meet right away too.

*full disclosure, I was involved with Help Island Public