New alpha problems


I was trying to help out the new batch of alphas who seem to be running into a few problems.

People cant find @ctrlaltdavid’s inworld chat script, it may be helpful to put this in as a default for the time being.

The automatic lod adjustment tool is crippling the graphics its dropping the lod to 0 so no one can see anything.

The audio select script isnt loading by default so people cant fix their sound.

The sandbox location could use some instructions


can you pop a link in here please Judas



You’re both gems xx
I still need to get hold of Coal to help me set up my places.


default scripts .js isnt loading by default


@DebsRegent just let me know any time, Skype is Holoshed or do an @Coal here


A hack to disable automatic LOD adjustment:


thanks @ctrlaltdavid

@Coal added you on Skype - thank you


@DebsRegent hmmm its not telling me I have a pending request, try to send me a message and it may, darn Skype! lol


sentyou a message @Coal :slight_smile:


Not sure where to post this, but: A bit of a problem with the audio source and sink selection menus in the interface app in Win7. It looks like the menu item builder is pruning same names, and that makes it impossible to select audio sources/sinks named the same. This is quite common with gamer computers that have multiple speakers, all labeled “Speaker”. Fortunately, I could work around this by relabeling all the sound assets, but collapsing same named items is not a good thing.


That’s been an issue for a long time along with it having a habit on systems with more than a simple setup to always work only with default in/out devices. I have a fairly complex setup, 16 devices total, and know well what you’re speaking of.