New avatar-creation-from-phone-selfie good, but when will avatar appear in HiFi?

I’ve successfully created a new avatar easily from a cell phone app, see link.
I’ve uploaded it to HF, following the instructions.
After a day it hasn’t become available in there.
I’ve tried reboot, and update with rest of all except essentials, no joy yet.
Anyone know?

Hi palmytomo,
The avatar shows up in your inventory, which is an icon that looks like this: image
If it’s not there, I would suggest you contact HiFi support. (posting here may work, once folks are awake in San Francisco.

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@DrFan Finally got it right, thanks. Feel free to use the image if it’s useful.
THRILLED with the potential of

this, for myself, AND to create a suite of avatars to be characters in a scripted play, in various contexts like beaches, cafe’s streets, using any face off the internet!


Thanks for letting us know. In the future, feel free to email for help.

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Emily, High Fidelity never ceases to amaze me! Just when I thought it was over you guys do something truly amazing. This plugs a fatal flaw in your model which I find VERY encouraging. Keep up the good work.