New Avatar Named Albert


Hi Alpha,

I created and uploaded a new avatar called Albert. He inspired by the TF2 characters and uses the Mixamo rig pipeline and default mesh. He has basic expressions, enough to get things started. You can find him on the marketplace or you can download directly from here:

Take a look, see what you think and feel free to download and extend if you’d like.




@ozan Do you have any idea why some of my Mixamo characters have too much shine on them. They did not have the high gloss when I made them. The two images are kind of the same character: But for some reason 1st one has way too much shine. I am wondering if the Mixamo texture sliders are back to front because I remember trying to lower the gloss on many of the characters I made. The all looked ok until last Thursday.
The 2nd looks ok today but it looked awful last week.

same character with different cloths and skin but shine is on the bra this time and not the skin.


I have a sneaky suspicion Graphics engine that needs fixing still as I’ve had similar issues with my alpha hair As it was too glossy as well But I could be wrong @subongo


Looks pretty cool @ozan


Your hair looked fine to me the last time I saw you.
I got a feeling the Fuse tool has to many texture sliders that don’t work will with Hifi Graphics.


It wasn’t that hair it was longhair with alpha layers on That I was having the issue They explained they were fixing it for the future It was the way the light was hitting the avatar hair


This HiFi Avi has got messed up too for some reason.


Re: The gloss - I notice the same thing. The mixamo texture app produces files for the diffuse, specular etc. You might want to check them. For example, you could simply remove the specular texture file.

Also, the Interface renderer, renders a lambert shader with maximum gloss - which is sometimes undesirable. One way around that is to change the shader to a Phong or Blinn and then explicitly reduce the specular setting.

Let me know if either of those work. If not, we can investigate further.



Re: The broken render of the mery rig - That looks like a bug. I’ll notify our render team.



Cc: @ozan looks very inspired :wink:

@subongo The shine might be something to do with transparent textures. The mixamo fuse bundles the textures into a single texture file (last I checked), so alpha in the bundled texture might be causing it (there is only 1 shader for transparent shine, which is just glossy from the global light) have you tried separating the transparent textures off the solid(not sure how to do this though)

Re:avatar rendering issue, might be related to


I will try and make some more player without this shader. I now see why Mixamo and fuse are free. They will soon have a better version I read on their page.


I made this character this morning and I turned the hair gloss to the maximum value of 1
This had no affect on the hair on the character when I loaded it in the Interface But the skin was way too shiny.
The reason I turn the hair gloss to the max value was because the last time I turned the gloss value down I still had the shiny skin.

when the character is made to rotate it looks like the body has 2 components. One has normal looking skin and the other the shine.

I took a 6 hour break and came back to make the same character. But I when I fired up the Interface I still had this same character: But this time no shiny skin.

I looked at another character that had too much shine:- This one

this same character with no changes

so I am really not sure what to do :blush:


Seems like a cache issue. Can’t put a finger on it, did you update?


They has been no update for some time. We have been on 2737 since Monday I think.
I think the HiFi crew have done some tweaking of the graphics. They skins look darker

This character looked OK when I 1st tested it but it looked too shiny at last weeks meeting.

that was how I saw it last week but I did not take any pictures of when it was shiny.

Below is how it looks today.


Could be the lighting :slight_smile:

But the glossyness texture dissapearing all a sudden thing is a big oddity, but positive one. I havent seen any changes to the glossyness though , since i have the same effect on any texture that has a specularity and transparency.


The problem the Fuse texture settings is that there too many sliders that seem to have very little noticeable affect on the look of your character.
Fuse has about 3 different light settings to view your character but they are off little help really.
One other think I noticed was that some characters have skin UV map that is 2048x2048. I am told this is experimental.
I think the blond character had uv’s that size but I reduced it to 1024. I thought that could have been the cause @ 1st.



A few thoughts:

  • I checked with our rendering guys and verified that there’s been no change to the rendering engine that would explain the difference.
  • You might want to check wether the avatar is in different zones. The zones can have different lighting settings.
  • Also, check to see if the Interface Developer > Render > Enable Glow Effect is on. If so, turn it off. It can cause problems at times.
  • Otherwise, I would look into how the Mixamo texture material is setup. My guess is that it’s somewhere in there. Wherever possible, I’d say, simplify the setup. It’ll help with troubleshooting.



I am now wondering if my computer is causing the over shiny gloss effect. The setting for glow have always been in the ticked positions. I unticked and I still get the same result.
I took more snapshots of characters I have shown before that had the gloss and then now gloss. I took these snaps between 11:30 11:55 pm UK time.

snap shot taken @ eleven fifty three pm

snap shot taken @ eleven fifty pm

snap shot taken @ eleven forty three

snap shot taken @ eleven 36

Most of this characters did not have this shine before. The girl only had shine on her skin before and now it is on her cloths too.


Hmmm. Yes. That’s interesting. I can vouch for the Albert avatar, that it should not have any gloss. It’s a phong shader with the specular set to very-low. It seems like it’s an application wide issue.



I forgot to ask if other people had noticed this.