New computer, now stack manager doesn't show my domain, other


I switched from a MacBook Air to a MacBook Pro which hasn’t worked out very well. First, when stack manager opens, instead of changing from hifi://localhost to my domain (“dashmura” which it would on the MBA) it remains on localhost. When I go there, the location doesn’t have the entities I placed on my domain, although the window bar seems to show my domain name. Settings seem to be the same as before, so I’d greatly appreciate any tips on what I can do to fix this situation. Thanks in advance!


In addition, after a few minutes in that location, my “default distance of average vision” drops to zero and all entities disappear. This computer has better specs than the last one so I’m not sure what’s going on.


About the Domain: Double check that the new domain host set up on the metaverse url configs.

About the graphics:
Sounds like the pro is still running on an integrated graphics chip instead (which is very likely as the ones with Discrete graphics are more price for macs) , there are known to have some issues with the rendering and trying to render at with these:

As long as chip is not HD 3000, you can try setting the target fps lower than 30 fps from preferences to avoid getting the LOD set to 0.

More info at


This is freaking me out. i just bought a new MBP. :frowning:


Thanks for the advice! Although stack manager doesn’t change the display name from localhost to my domain name, I’ve confirmed the path is my domain so let’s call that good.

However, Hifi is not going to play nicely with my Retina MBP 13 graphics card. Guess I’ll set up a dedicated machine for the time being. Hope DrFranny’s machine fares better. Thanks again!