New developer -- I want to write quests!



I am an experienced software developer. I mostly work in Javascript (ES6), and do usual client-side and server-side software development. I know a fair bit about databases too.
I am also a huge fan of VR. I spend most of my playing hours on RecRoom, which i think is the most social, active VR experience you can have right now (I might be wrong – I am often wrong!)
Please note that I have ZERO interest in getting into low-level development of the client itself.

I love high fidelity; it’s open source, it allows you to host your own worlds, and it uses Javascript (which I know).

What I feel is missing in High Fidelity is “Quests” – what you would see as Crimson Cauldron, or Golden Trophy in Rec Room. I also think that High Fidelity should provide an easy way to create things within high fidelity, but I think you are already working on that.

I would like to fill the “quest” void. Mind you, it’s a small side project I would tackle in my spare time. But it’s definitely something I’d like to do.


  • At the moment, I am running High Fidelity on Steam on Windows. Will it run just as well on Linux? Will I Need to install Steam on Linux to make it work on my Oculus and my Vive? (I have a disability on my right hand, so my only option controller-wise is the Vive).

  • Is it technically feasible to write a “quest” like Golden Trophy in High Fidelity? I realise that you would need to write a lot of scripting that would run on the server, to spawn enemies etc. My question really is: Is it technically feasible to do so?

  • What’s the best, most optimised way for me to gain the knowledge I need to get started? I am talking about programming-wise (API, tutorials, etc.) and UI design (how to create levels, etc)

  • I don’t know enough about theory of games, or 3d development. What I I need to know, and what resources are out there for me to study?

This is gonna be slow – probably a year or so. I am in no hurry, but I would love to slowly dipping my toes into this and eventually have a full quest done!

Thank you for listening, and sorry if I asked silly questions,



Should be possible, though might be a lot of work depending on how complex you want to make it. Have a look at this demo script example which seems to have most of the basic ideas demonstrated:

Dusty Wizard


The shortbow is a very good example.

Additionally, you should also read the first post on this thread so that you get used to some of the oddities in High Fidelity:


Thanks @Menithal that primer on entity scripts and how to properly use the prototype function with them cleared up a lot of confusion for me.


@Menithal Thank you sooo much for this!


hi a quest miniframework would be definitely be interesting, possibly connecting to a php or other web site as it was done usually in secondlife. I’ d love the idea for educational purposes.