New domain settings questions Build 5029


So rez temporary seems new and looks set to 1 hour which seems good,
How do i rez a temp item? I don’t want to be rezzing them myself on my own domain.
I don’t know what max capacity is
I don’t know what write assets means
Anonymous I’m assuming are people not logged in.
I don’t know what local host means., Well I know its sorta where you get if u don’t have a place name

I want smokey and I to be able to edit the place, I want thoys and other logged in people to be able to grief the place but it get cleared away by the time I’m home


I don’t know what max capacity is
♪ you can set max capacity of users inside your domain at any given time.
I don’t know what write assets means
♪ the ability to upload to ATP
Anonymous I’m assuming are people not logged in.
♪ true
I don’t know what local host means.,
♪ the Stack_Manager machine itself.


Thank u
So ignore max capacity means these people can allways get in despite the domain being full ,good idea
Re localhost
if im on the machine itself (if it ran hifi) i could go to local host on it and be somwhere else than my public domain?


localhost is within the permissions section. My interpretation of what this means:

The localhost will always have the following permissions: ((whatever you select as active))

In this scenario you are telling the “Sandbox” - “Hey, I want YOU to always be able to DO the following to yourself.” To non-admins this may seem trivial, however in the event of a total system takeover (from remote - if they access the physical machine, it’s game over anyway) it would prevent the system from self-destruction (remote). If and only if you revoke self-inflicted damage. It could also be a situation for running Sandbox and Interface on the same machine. The “localhost” settings would essentially over-rule any anonymous setting.

Practical example: User installs Interface and Sandbox. Opens Interface. Does NOT login. Is immediately inside “localhost” domain. They would have permissions to do as desired.

This could be a misinterpretation on my part, but I think I’m pretty close.


If you hover your mouse over or possibly click the friendly blue "?"s after “Permissions” in the table headings, or the “domain-wide permissions” in blue … some help will pop up


ooh wadaya know, i so shoulda spent the extra and got the colour moniter


These are great settings.

Has there been any movement on opening any of these settings to javascript thereby enabling changes to permissions to be made on the fly without the need for a domain restart?

I am thinking making a script that recognizes where an avatar is, and adjusting the perms accordingly.
This would enable a crude parceling system. It was on the worklist ages ago and just fell away.
But many people thought it was a good idea.