New entities editor and problems topic


Just wanted to test it again, the new entities editor.

-switching script.
-placeing entity

and i cannot do anything with it, no edit, no move, no delete. no entitityu properties window. no glow when you select it. Oh and undo dont work to. Other problem editmodels.js is not compatible with newenmtities… at least i cannot delete the entitiy in both now.

So it sounds like its technical complete broken for me. Anyone else more luck. build 1163

add: cannot find the entity back after few hours, it just dissapeared. Ok, now its working again. strange.


Very impressed with the new entities edit tool. :smiley:

But you dont see rotation arrow if you have space behind it, my suggestion is to draw a white line around it or better change the color automatic by checking the background. so if the background is black make the arrow white etc.

Resizing the cube is still a bit strange or not doing what i expect, As example the center squarte is for resizeing the side, right ? but its resizing the whole cube. i lost some resize functionality after clicking other edit squares

Add: Found the problem, the resizing of the entitiy is breaking after you have rotated the entitiy. When you have done that you cannot scale anymore one side

Found new conflict, editmodems.js is not checking if neweditentities.js is running or reversed way. so after restart i get stuck in running script with both running at the same time. i know neweditentities.ja is in development, but still warning for others.


Just loaded the neweditentities.js its not readyh for switching with editmodels.js few problems i found.

  1. the camera get stuck as soon you enable the editor. you need to press esc to get out of the camera mode so you can get a good few on the to low placed entity (on advise of chris i changed the preference ‘vertical view’ to 45. So the entity need to placed default higher on the screen.

  2. When your out of the cameras mode its hard get back into camera mode.

  3. Just figured out why the editor where empty. There tbas at thne Bottom of the window.

Its better to have them at the top of the window, there you see them much quicker. Bottom screen you dont look so much, its a bit out of eye sight with the window height i have.

  1. You cannot edit entitiy light you placed. I see the bounding box. But the box inside is empty.

  2. Weird thing, it happens sometimes.the entities i placed just dissapear in sandbox.

  3. If you have some entity selected and you turn left or right the entity is still moving with you. That way the entity can move far away from you.

  4. Its correct that we now need to double click entity before it can be editted ?

  5. But for that i start a new one. I like the see a Show bounding box button. Its needed to edit things like entity light, without bounding box you dont see it. And a button is more user friendly then go into menu -> developer -> entities. That you need to load as script first


Still some annoying problems,

  1. For soem reason the new entities editor get to much times shutdown so you cannot edit the entiry before you power it up. Seems to happen as soon im pressing the cursor keys. Not good editor need to keep enabled until you power it off manual.

  2. i can place entity spgere , but not edit it, or remove it ! The cube works fine.

at least the black screen is fixt.


There’s Alignment problem with the new build floater on top of the screen. fonts get out of the box. Its the size indicator thats showing 0.2 top center.

@chris, who’s working on the entities. yes im bad in names.


Love the new color. But compleet not happy with the very tiny font size i can read very hard.


Thanks for the feedback, @Richardus – will keep this in mind as we continue to refine.


Thanks @G problem is that you dont get the idea i think how ity looks on my screen with a screen capture. would be intressting if you post a screen capture from your window. to check if the are the same on the forum. otherwise ineed to find a betetr way to show it.


@G This how the metavoxel editor looks, that font is much better readable.


Ok, just checking edit entities. the font is still very tiny. also when you select a line. it get marked white. But the font text is white to. so its very hard to see the text after selecting it.
I have pasted the edities editor field into the readable chat window with a good font size.

That way i hope you see the difference. But it always show different on other screen / computer / setting.


Look at the entities stuff. There are a few things.

A: Why can you place entity without enabling the power button first.
It keeps annoying that you can do that, especially now lookwithmouse is working.
You place entity, there’s already other problem still. The entity is placed out of my avatar mouselook view. It need to place further away so i can see it.

But ok, tou place entity, power button is disabled. And the entity is sthowing as selected

Try to cam around it, why is the cam not doing what i want… Oh its in lookwithmouse mode and not in edit mode. :open_mouth:
Trying to cam in edit mode to the right position. strange things happen. Hit esc. end in lobby. hit again esc. now my cam is in strange angle so you need to reset sensors. But, where’s my entitiy cube ?

Found it back, can move it, rezzing another entitiy cube so i can try to place two cubes n ext to each other without having X or Z axis arrows. That’s failing because i cannot move the second cube.

For some reason i can only move the second cube in the Y axises up and down. HUH ?

grabbed by accident the invisible rotation arrow the are still black arrows on black background, good contrast ! :wink: Now i can move the cube again in all directions. but need to dig in the tiny font edit properties to fix rotation, i dont get the rotation fixt inworld. maby if i could see the arrows its possible.

Fixt the rotation in
entiety properties editor. Going back with the camera to bird view, and …… i cannot move the entitiy again in the X and Z direction. a few arrows for X and Z direction movement woulkd be very nice. we already have one for the Z axis. Meanwhile screwed again the rotation. Get the idea that the rotation locks ore unlocks the X and Z movement.

But the test i wanted todo is what happens when you have a small entity or the camera distance is bigger because you need that to place things correctly.

Then you see that there are to much edit point visible at once. Its nice to have everything with 1 click accesable. but it makes it harder to work with to. As example. in secondlife you cannot screw up rotation when you move the cube. Or screw up the size when you move it.

Right now High Fidelity want to shgow to much edit contrals at once on the entity. And in my eyes that’s making working with it not more easy.

Only how to make it more easy ?


In the last few builds (win 2162) The rescale button on entity properties page does not work anymore, For me it pops up a blank window that is titled Marketplace. I assume this is part of the “Right click and get marketplace info” feature being added.


I can confirm this as well - rescale and reset to natural dimensions brings up an empty “Marketplace” window. @huffman


Is it possible to give the font in the entity properties a better contrast. Grey on different grey is hard readable. grey with white font or lighter font color would be more easy to read. Tried to adjust that screen but that’s failing too,

HiFi one:

Best contrast for me is this (singularity viewer)

Would be very happy with a change contrast.


Yep, the reset to natural dimensions is borken since last week sometime.

Other problem I have… If I toggle ‘Locked’ on any item. Then the editor fails in a nothing-selected. cannot edit anything else without restarting the interface. It’s not a show stopper. But does add a certain amount of tedium to working on my build atm.


Seeing this as well. If entity = locked and selected you can not move or otherwise edit it (as expected). If unlocked and selected you can move it via dragging in world, but text edit fields remain locked and requires restart of interface to clear. Once edit.js enters this state, other models (locked or unlocked) also exhibit difficulties - some will allow edit changes, others will appear as if locked regardless of lock status.

We should have an @bug tag here.

TODO: Determine if killing and reloading edit.js will clear this.


Bumping this.

@Chris see last couple of entries here.

Here’s what I have to add - In past - edit.js operated as so…

You are looking at properties - not the model list context. You select model by clicking in scene, properties match model clicked - click another it update to its props. Current behavior is not this - props are not updating upon model selection changes - you have to go back to model list - find model you selected - click another then it (in list) and then properties will match.

Second issue. There is no clear reproduction step for this, but (at least) one other is seeing as well. When editing/placing models - the props tab will (rough guess - 1/3 + of time) suddenly behave as if model is locked - all fields read only. Model is not locked - you can move by dragging. When this happens you have to restart interface. Reloading edit.js will fix, but, once this behavior is seen - it will happen consistently on each model selection change until Interface is restarted.

This is being seen on windows here, not sure if other poster is windows as well. If any others are seeing this “bug”, please post here as well.


My new workaround for the pseudo locked entity bug has been to select another entity and then back to the problem one. Sometimes it seems I have to do this more than once to make the properties editable but at least I don’t have to restart interface.


Fix incoming, hopefully it will resolve all of the issues people are having with the property window.


Missing Straff in the edit entities camera movement. Not figured out how to center the cube more on your screen if your avatar is staying in angle away from it.

You can move up and down and cam left and right. but its for me always circle based.