New Entity params


Can someone please help me to understand the new parameters of entities because either they are broken, or need some special magic to make them work.

Gravity currently does nothing, it used to do something so whats changed? does these new params have anything to do with it?
How does acceleration work?
What is restitution?
What is friction and how does it work.

I dont want the dictionary meaning of these words, I know what they mean in English, but what do they mean in Hifi.

My main question is "Does gravity work or is it borked?"
If it works what secret formula should I use? (because just giving it a value seems to do nothing)



Not sure but I think the basic orbital script that’s in the marketplace demonstrates its use. However be ware you might have difficulty deleting it so just in case, dont rez iy anywhere where rollbacks may do damage. try it in the sandbox :slight_smile:

But yeah more documentation would be nice to have


@Adrian also Zone Enitties - Ambient light doesn’t seem to be working in 2735.

@chris A single page, updated weekly, might be useful with a list of parameters and their current eg
Week Ending Fri 3 July , usefulness

As Richardus describes in another post
Testing is a nightmare if the fault in the workflow is with HiFi, it’s inevitable at this stage but any help would be useful