New Events Page, Tockify Will Be Discontinued

There is a new events page on the High Fidelity website.

Tockify will be discontinued and no longer updated as of Friday, May 10, 2019 @ 11AM PDT.

For more information on experiences like Creator Hours and Community Events, visit the new events page.

Please update all links/references to the old Tockify events page to prior to May 10th.

How Do I Submit a Community Event?
Anyone can submit community events to be promoted on our events calendar and social media. It’s been great to see all of your submissions recently! Find more info HERE.

Thank you!


Why are the Date and Time of Events set in the smallest font?
Suggest the Time and Date shoulkd be at the top and in Bold

Just a FYI - on the main page of (which is quite beautiful by the way), scroll down to the “People First” section. The “Event Calendar” link in the “Community Transparency” box points to the old Tockify site.

Not sure if this was intentional or not - but thought I’d point it out. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @RavenLuna! Great catch. It’s been updated.

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