New file (open) dialog. Not easy to select other drive


The new file selector is improvment i think.
But at the same time it’s terrible.

  • It’s very difficult to go to other partition or drive !
  • There’s no way to enter the drive letter.
  • there’s no drive selector box

You can only do a difficult many times clicking to get directory’s up, before you can select a new drive. :grimacing:

Can you guys add a drive selector back or a way so you can enter the drive letter manual. Also the not working filter box is now complete gone. woudl be nice to have working one back.

Now, time for click marathon.


@Richardus.Raymaker In the dropdown, top right of the dialog … down the bottom of the drop-down there’s a “This PC” option. Select this and it will take you directly up to the top level of your PC and list all the drives.


Aha. not so nice as a button that do the same. But this works. Not east to spot btw, you not expect that there.


Yeah, I can’t even open my local scripts due to the window that allows you to select a script from disk de-selects and I have no way of getting it to click open because its greyed out.