New game - Azooz Fire Temple!


Howdy everyone,

I’ve just put up a new HF game over at hifi://azooz and opened it to the public. It’s the first level of Azooz, a grappling-hook based game… this one’s set in a firey temple. It’s inspired visually by Gamecube & N64 era adventure games. It’s made entirely using Creative Commons content, client-side Javascript, and most geometry was made in Google Blocks!

See if you can find and get to all 100 gems! Your feedback and ideas are welcome! Want to help build levels? Join me on Mondays at 2 PM in Maker to discuss!



Here some feedback:

  • Maybe disable ghosting / flying :smiley:
  • The bees seem to not be very sensative. and dont seem to teleport you to anywhere
  • Bees sound like they had too many beans.


Thanks! Got the ghosting/flying… agreed on the bees. :slight_smile:


This game is really cool!
I love the way it looks in VR. Also mid way through i started getting a little confused which was to the end XD
If you havent played this in vr give this a try.

i noticed the signs in welcome only work for desktop users, yet desktop users cant use the grapples so they cant really play. so to have desktop users the only ones who can use the signs is kinda backward XD

Over all the game is just what we needed :3
(i found all gems :smiley: )


Bees are very sensitive, I hurt the feelings of a bee in my garden just last week. It started to buzz in a sad way. :frowning: ( I had called it a wasp )


da doom chhhhhhh :smoking:

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