New Goto: its staying on top of all windows screens and blocking menu bars and other functionality


Oh no, not another one. The new Goto: is just as terrible as the Login screen. it keeps staying on top of all other windows on my desktop. Very annoying, this need to be fixt fast and for every before it start to spread more. Right now how its done i cannot access the menu bar of programs anymore. = Login screen = Goto: screen

Can this 2 screens fixt very soon so it dont interferes with my system and other application !

System, windows 7 - 64bit


Why not for both windows (login and goto) a normal window like what is used for chat and preferences Or implement it inside the interface.exe screen. but not as seperate windows with “stay on top” enabled.


The logon screen which blocks other interaction is BAD BAD. It seems other UI elements are being added with this same blocking modality. No… no UI element should be a blocker. Read the basic manuals.