New in altspacevr


New in altspacevr. Altspacevr is starting to look good.





The avatars still suck though!


Ehh, they’re expressive enough and are used more as avatars than the more detailed alternatives. It’s not like anyone is using their “Avatars” as avatars in platforms that give a bit too much freedom, they’re often just used as characters to either just be neat or a sex toy…


Pointing out one of the major differences between second lifers and the rest of us.
You know not everybody cares about their Avatar. In VR you don’t even freaking see it. Most people care more about the experience and a good conversation and little of that is influenced by the quality of their Avatar.
It’s completely moronic. You think the rest of us are going to pay good money so that we can have a special Avatar so we can talk to strangers. What is your avatar even trying to prove. I wasted more money than you did making sure I can impress people I don’t know. You’re a genius.