New Marketplace


Today we’re cutting the ribbon on our new Marketplace.

Here are the highlights:

  • A fresh look and user experience
  • New submission flow
  • Hosting by High Fidelity of associated assets (not just your main fst, js, or json file)
  • Liking of Marketplace Items

Here is an overview and FAQ document.

We’re very excited to get your content into the Marketplace. Item submission is now re-opened for all users. You can click the ‘New Item’ button either in the user menu in the nav or in the sidebar to start drafting up a new item for the Marketplace.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new layout. We’re sharing with active users first to help us identify any further changes that we should consider before a general announcement.

Please feel free to post here in the forums if you hit any snags while browsing or submitting. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Creating svo.json Files for Market tutorial

Some help info on the webpage like you did with the license for the

Attribution Name
Attribution Link

Would be nice, because am not complete sure what you want in that field.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll see if we can’t add some help text to explain what specifically those fields are for.

They allow you to attribute content that you may have used with your submission. For example, if I have a free model from Sketchfab uploaded as one of my associated assets, I can insert the name of the creator and a link to the Sketchfab item page (assuming that the Sketchfab item allows free use with attribution).


Example: How can things be fixt if your creation contains multiple objects from different webpages and you want to add attribution links to the webpages. currently you can only put one link into it.

When you use a few sounds as example. you can point it to the mainpage, or betetr to the page with the sound you used. That don’t fit in Attribution name. So you need to fall back to the desciption field if more attributions are needed to add ?

And this case is not so unrealistic. get a car from side A, get a car sound from side B and some textures from Side C. How can we do that in a nice way on the marketplace ?


When you’re submitting/editing an item, you should see a plus on the right side of the attribution table. This will allow you to add as many Name/Link pairs as you like.


I recently submitted the ocean skybox shader for approval. The page does not allow you to submit an .fs file ((asset)) without also submitting a .json .js or .fst file ((content)) the error “upload must contain content” or something similar is shown.

To get around that, I copied @Jherico version of the JSON for the day / night skybox directly from marketplace and modded the file with the relevant information.

This was my problem with the first marketplace.

Shaders have a very large effect on an audience, yet they are the most difficult item to get properly loaded into and out of the Marketplace.

If the devs tell me, “…well, a shader can work with Skyboxes OR default cube/sphere entities so you have to roll your own…” then perhaps it would be advised to say so on said marketplace.

cc: @Caitlyn

my two cents.


Thanks @AlphaVersionD, this is good feedback and well worth incorporating. Please keep us posted if you have other notes as we are actively working on how to best structure and annotate the upload flow. We’ll likely be fine-tuning parts of the process to make clearer how different content types, like shaders, can be added to the Marketplace.


A few things, just submitted my ambiance sound entity. That did hit a few problems.
First the “Preview width must be at least 1472px” I where forced to upscale the image i found on wiki before i could use it.

Second problem when i finaly got to step 2, that where a gamble because in the first case i where puzzled where or how to upload my json file. SO click that button where the only option. :grin: It worked. But the page looked like this.

Houston ! , the image don’t fit. :laughing:


Mind sending me the image you uploaded here that’s being stretched?


Fix incoming for that stretchy image issue. Thank you so much for the help @Richardus.Raymaker!


My request is that for .fs files specifically, you provide a dropdown that lists if this .fs is for Skybox, Sphere, or Cube. Then, don’t force the requirement of any additional files.

That would be a fine start for beta Marketplace for shaders.

thanks in advance!


Why is there no sound section ? Is there some reason for that ?


Thank you for the feedback!

We’re still thinking about how to best support item types outside of the current js/json/fst requirement (like shaders and sounds). We’ll keep you in the loop as we make changes in this area.


@b Not sure if this fix is already live. but i still have the problem with the image.


Just updated my beach chair image. Because it where missing.
But i get now lost in the file format. i made a new picture. upsized the X to 1500 with keep aspect ratio. But at the end it’s not fitting in the window. and i view the image. un less it’s locked because it’s in review mode.

Edit, looks like the marketplace is not resizing the images so the fit. DId another one. it looks wrong. this time the burgos floor light. and now i used 1500x1024 pixels

Some information near “Preview Image” about the advised picture size would be nice too.


Should be live already - can you send me the problematic image again?


I think it’s done on purpose. but still have trouble to get used to it.
The marketplace login screen.

WHen i want to login , you automatic go to the “Create new account” button. Because the login button is pretty invisible on the page. Mabye that need some thinking ?


Just tested with the three images you sent me - everything looks right.

Can you upload the beach image for one of your items today and confirm it doesn’t stretch and is cropped to 16:9?

Let me explain how the cropping works. We require images with an aspect ratio of 16:9 for the Marketplace. As long as you give us an image that has enough pixels on the width and the height, we crop the largest 16:9 image we can take from the center of the image. That is why your lamp and chair are cut off on the top.

If you’d like to make an image on your end that you know won’t have the edges cut off, make sure that you have a 16:9 image that is at least 1472x828.


That button should be darker - we’ll take a look.


The ocean image is still going wrong after i pressed save in edit mode. I can resize it. But i wait with that, in case more testing is needed. I go fix the other old images with making new images and see how that go