New nvidia / amd driver windows 10


There’s a new nvidia and amd driver that seems to fix OpenGL problems for SL and mabye if there are also in High Fidleity

I stopped using the nvidia experience since it did update to 3.0. i did uninstall that complete. The force you to create account before you can use it. Besides i never used it.


Have you tried it, did it work?

He asks not wanting to be the first to install it


I have installed it, need to see if SL works better.
SL did not work bad except at some places. But SL is anyway bad for framerate.


Yes it fixes the Windows 10 OpenGL bug on Nvidia systems.

You can read all the happy comments here:

Severe performance issues in all Second Life viewers after installing KB3176938 (Windows Version 1607 Build 14393.105). Problem continues with KB3189866, KB3193494 & KB3194496

[BUG-37795] Massive FPS drop after Viewer Window lose focus - caused by KB3176938, KB3189866, KB3193494, KB3194496


Just done the testing in SL on the sim the dropped my framerate hugh. i can finaly visit. So big improvment. But it’s SL and on that sim the framerate looks good. but it still looks terrible with movement.