New policy for places in the directory at


This morning we had a conversation about places in the directory. Here are a few notes/requests, I’m sure this policy will evolve and @b will add guidelines to the domain settings page.

Here’s what we are thinking:

  • We want to always use images that represent the place and its content (e.g. no text, nothing misleading)
  • When you teleport to that place from the hifi:// link, you should arrive at what you see in the screenshot
  • Make sure the screenshot is totally clean / free of stats, mirror, etc
  • Describe the content succinctly, ideally in a helpful tone, but personality is of course welcome.



Oops, sorry. I am one of the miscreants if not the main one with my test world ‘cape’. I will fix it up post haste.



Well, technically in elsewhere you arrive at the place pictured - the picture is a very long view, though! - it is a render of the eneire physical extent of the domain. Is that still acceptable?