New Poser 11 For Avatar Creation?


I just saw an advert for this product Poser 11 and it looked like it does everything. Has anyone played with this at all?
At 200 USD, it seems like it might be worth a try for avatar creation, but I have never used it before. I thought it only made poses.


If i remember right the EULA of Poser only says the products of the renders are allowed for commercial/personal use.

The models them selves are not allowed to be exported and distributed .

creating characters or props based on Restricted Content in Proprietary File Formats, where the
original (or modified) geometry, texture, or other Restricted Content files are not distributed with
such characters or props;


Yup, Poser is a system for creating art with the available characters and props. I.e. to render still pictures for a novel cover, or short animated scenes for a CGI movie. I’ve seen it used to make webcomics, for instance.


Nonsense! Poser is an extremely powerful and professional animation and scene rendering platform! I’ve been using it for years and I’m constantly amazed at the granular detail I can achieve in my animations and model customisation via very robust control systems and modules. Those animations can then be used in many different ways from game development to virtual environmental interactions. I suggest you take a deeper look.


Yeah it is a powerful tool alright BUT; it because the EULA simply doesnt allow you to use most of the models outside of their suite. You can use, forexample the animations you create, but you cannot use the avatars bundled with the paid software (as in “Restricted Content”). You can only use the Unrestricted Content outside of the Poser studio, or content you create and import to Poser.

See Legitimate Uses section K of the EULA of Poser.

If you create an avatar using a Restricted Content, you have to make sure the final mesh is nowhere connected with the main model. It alot of legal mumbojumbo. separately this used to be under a “Game license”. This topic was quite discussed back in SL when it introduced mesh.

The main issue arises from sharing models: They do not after all get bundled with the game, and instead are streamed. Content licenses are annoying in this regard.


This is true.the animation is great though, as you say.


I hope that makehuman is getting a High Fidelity skeleton. That is sofar i see the only safe program to use.

Now onlt the answere on the question how to get the right bones in. i just understand it mabye 0.00005% in opensim with avastar. ok mabye a bit more.


I am currently using Manuel Bastioni Lab opposed to Make Human due to the Model Detail is much better. It is also a free plugin for blender.

Namely around the neck and the like. I know that Avastar can Retarget the base skeleton from Manuel Lab to The Avastar Skeleton. However I am unsure if it is compatible with High Fidelity.


Looks intressting.,need to look closer at it when around the pc. does it have a skeleton that works with high fidelity ?