New Robot Avatars


Hi Alpha Folks,

I’ve uploaded a pair of new robot avatars. They’re inspired by the TF2 characters and modeled in a steampunk style. They don’t currently have any facials expressions. That’s coming. In the meantime, feel free to download, use and customize. They’re named Robot Medic Red and Blue.

The source FBX is here:



They look great!
just one question… what does TF stand for? (this is the 3rd reference I’ve seen over the past week)


Team Fortress 2.

Speaking of which, can this even be called inspired any longer? It looks almost exactly like the robo medic. except simplified textures / shaders. Its a bit too grey of an area to be in, in my opinion.


@Foxxe: TF2 referes to Team Fortress 2.
@Menithal: That a good point. I’ll ask the experts about where to draw the line.


Thanks for the answer.
I’ve found that far too often Gamers tend to forget that game titles are not "general knowledge"
this would be like me referring to the C clef (where most people don’t even know there is one