New simplified menus


Simplified menus are a good idea… but the weird order in which the choices remaining in the simplified version are mighty odd. The “usual” “File” menu items that appear in most programs would have “Quit” as the very last (bottom) item for example. Help, About etc are usually the very last top menu item labelled “help” (where “Update” also usually appears too) and not tacked on the “File” submenu item.

Rather than the menus changing when Advanced menus are selected… can you not cluster all the added choices under an “Advanced” top menu… like you do for the “Developer” menu.

I also think we may have rouble remembering that you have to go to “Edit” submenus to run scripts.


Because your post i have updated everything.

The menu’s are a big disaster and a big mess !

  • You not put edit somewhere in the middle. Edit belongs next to file.
  • Open and run script from url or file belongs not under edit but under file.
  • Edit -> running scripts make no sense. File -> running scripts more sense.
  • Enabled advanced menu, but where is my advanced menu ? Developer works.
  • Display option could be placed under settings. you very rare use the display options.
  • Do not put QUite on top in the menu, not a common place. Also because you never use it. place quiite at the bottom where it belongs.
  • help under file omg. help is seperate menu item and you never go look for that under file. Give help it’s own menu back and move about interface into that too, where it belongs…

That it for now.


Can ATP asset upload put back into the file menu. or on more accessable place not hidden under developer ?