New Stack Manager


Ok, just installed the stack manager. looks good. but 2 problems.

  1. The update window is very small in X direction. the old one where wider and showed more. please make it wider.

  1. The start button window is not placed at the center of the main screen but at the top. just under the remote desktop header

Last question, where can i restart only the metavoxel server or any other stack manager. that where a good function with testing terrain. now you need to restart all. i like dthe option that you could restart only model or metavoxel server.

Also with this stack amanager and interface.exe build 1505 i dont see the voxel terrain anymore. the file is still 460KB in size.


Other problem, stack manager give still “not responding” erros when you try to stop it. in otehr words the assignment clients are still crashing. only becasue you cannot stop them one by one its much much slower to shutdown everything. So its very important that the assignment clients now can be shutdown without any crash error on windows.

If you click run assignment, a new line appears. click again a new line appears. Etc. but theres no option to remove the line. Also its not placed in a scrollbox at some point the row is longer then your screen height.


With the new Stack Manager I have problems shutting off the computer it was running on. Win 7 machine. After I stop the server with the button… and everything closes, when I shut off the computer… or reboot… The AC tries to restart… or something… and i get endless message boxes which can only be fixed by hard shut down. starting task manager i can see that AC process is still active and when i force close it… it respawns


also… this might be sort of off topic but… i may have created a height map that crashes me any time i get near it. Question is are Height maps stored in metavoxels.dat in the cwd of assignment-client like other metavoxel stuff?.. i havent looked so sorry it it is obvious.


Search for metavoxels.dat On windows you can find that here.
c:\Users\ username \AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Stack Manager\


My stack mamanger crasht, but because you dont have seperate start/stop buttons i cannot figure out what crashed. also the whole stack manager is now shutting down if 1 assignment client crash. Thats not a improvent.


@Twa_Hinkle Oh, i see what you mean. i have way to many stack managers running now to after i tried toshutdown a few times. Now forced to reboot the system because end task seems to fail.


Just a note: the metavoxels.dat file is now stored under “resources” along with the other data files.


Yes, tried by moving the old one but that dont work. First need a good stack-manaager with seperate stop buttons or at least a good assignment clioent shutdown before i go try metavoxels.

New you need to kill every assignment client first in the process list before you can stop the stack-manager.


Best to check the page for stack manager updates. just see that there’s a version 20. installed it manual and the stack manager have a few new buttons.
Sounds like the stack manager updater is not updating much.

Its still not shutting down the assignment clients !


Discovery of the day. Well something everyone but me seemed to know.
The Stackmanager that does the green bars updating thing doesn’t update itself to the new version being talked about here. To update to that you have to go to the link and manually update it.
I now understand why yours all looks different to mine.That said so far so good , it updated my domains still there and I like that it tells you your domain address.
I like that its now all in just the one box.
I like that all the thingies just start with 1 button.
I wish the stackmanager would close into the tray rather than just minimize.


@judas can you test the shutdown. and check in the task manager if the assignment clients get shutdown for you. It would be work possible perfect this design. if the shutdown of the stack managers worked perfect and fast ! its now slow and not shutdown anything. In my case its telling the wrong adres, its saying localhost. instead of the Lan ip. So for now i cannot like something if its not working…


Like to know when the stack-manager get fixt so it can be shutdown normal. If its not fixt soon there’s no use to keep the domain and server running for now.


Well spotted they don’t shut down do they , who shall we blame?


@Judas, Apple ! Is the one to blame this time, because this problem exists for weeks or months. If it where developed on windows the bug where already long ago fixt.


not just apple lets blame all fruit bastard bananas


Just someone let me know when the fixt that urgent bug in stack-manager shutdown.
Without that i cannot test metavoxels good. to many times you need a restart for that.


Looking at the new comprehensive downloads page at

I assume the new numbering is okay… and version 20 is the latest for Windows… not the old version 37 I already had installed?

I just installed 20 anyway and its a bit “minimalistic”.


Yes @Ai_Austin the changed the version numbering 20 is the latest version. but did not fixt hugh problems. @Ai_Austin Carefull when you stop the stack manager, you need to end the assignment clients manual.


Just tried the last stack manager, its still compleet broken with shutdown. SO ghot a idea to kill it in the web interface. thats working… but also not working because its restarting automatic. so i cannot remove the metavoxel file. if you kill it after you removed the metavoxels.dat file the assignmentb client saaves and recre\ate the orginal metavoxel file i dont want. And the only easy and good way to delete tgerrain is to remove the metavoixel.dat file. especially now. the metavoxel editor way is to complex for deleteing terrain. Its now very hard to kill thge assignment client priocesses. sometimes you need to end task more times.

So please fix the stack-manager. Or place seperate stop buttons back, that would be a very good idea anyway, because its crazy to restart all assignment cl;ienmts if one is crashed.