New standard avatars


The mixamo avatars are our standard avatars at the moment, but as it is in the future? Will the new standard avatars have the same uvmap like in seconde life? This can have attractive female avatars with the same uv map, avatars as Maitreya and Belleza have indeed proved. Will the new avatars clothing texture support?

:wink: The Maitreya is my favorite in second life. The reason is, this body supports best the omega applier.


It would be difficult at best to make a SL/OS compatible UV mapping to mixamo or makehuman’s mesh. While it can (and has :slight_smile: ) been done - it still required substantial edits to SL/OS skin texture files to make it really look correct.

If one really wanted an SL/OS compatible UV mapped AV the easiest path would be taking SL/OS AV - attaching to HF compatible armature and weighting. I’ve done this with my personal SL/OS avatar and it works fine, but, is only for sentimental reasons. I wish to have “him” wherever I may go, but - the future is not it.

  • looks sad * It is very hard to lose the lovely face of the old avatar. I had hoped, I can take at least a part of myself create dresses. :wink:


“- the future is not it.” As is the cost of progress good man.


Well, this is my sl avatar, which I have brought to hf. It has sl textures. I have used for this the avastar plugin for Blender.

And then I have given her a new amature, to get more finger and face bones.


Can’t put a price on love I suppose. :smile:


I know. I have the avastar too. But the old Avatar is not so detailed. Hmm. Ok, it is must possible to create a similar avatar. But what will it look like? Will there be on the legs still the ugly edges? Sighs Progress or an old ugly avatar?


Well - if you own your skin textures and other assets compatible with layering over SL skin (system clothing) you certainly can keep a copy our your old self as I have. :slight_smile: After 12 years work I’m not willing to give him up just yet. It will, likely, just never be as easy as SL/OS -> pick shape, select skin/eyes/clothing. Here you’d need to export your shape, and if you have Avastar, import it to a mesh then assign skin textures then create a copy not parented to SL armature/weights, then attach to an HF compatible rig, create an FST/FBX pairing and you’d have it. I’ve had a copy of my SL AV here since last October or so. I just don’t take him out into public since we have no content controls.


Well, I have a skin. wich I use legaly in the opensims. It is not the same like in SL but similarly. But I do not want a very low poly resolution avatar in highfidelity. Ok, ok. I see it, It will be a new avatar. :slight_smile:


My hunch is somewhere along the line, someone will make a mechanism to take the slider-details of someone’s SL av (that is to say, the values you see in the SL Edit Appearances pane for shape) and adapt/convert those details into whatever the then standard HF human av would need to produce the same physical appearances. Meaning, you’d plug those SL-shape numbers into something, and it would adapt them to whatever the equivalent would be on the HF av to get the same appearance (i.e. how thick or thin the arms are, the shape of the head, etc, etc.).


Thats exactly what one of my worklist ticket could address; in HF scripts are allowed to adjust custom blendshapes, one could achieve customization of avatars. See worklist 20458

Basically the content creator would be responsible for allowing the avatar to be customizable via specific shapes. The scripts could set the blendshapes permanently for that specific avatar, sorta like how shapes in SL work right now.


although most SL avatars are too large with men measure 7’1 to almost 8’. They need to scale down somewhat but no one is going to do that. the anatomy text standard is 7.5 heads and zbrush has 8 heads. I don’t know what maxamo avatar as far as head/size. I don’t think they really care.

I think real life for women is 5’4" and for men about 5’ 10" or 5’ 11". Then there are different body types. It is important to know what sizes things are. I still cant fit my body in some places because they made the entrance too small.


For the moment, at least, HiFi lets you resize your avatar from a few inches to dozens of metres tall!


yes SL did the same thing. the first few time I said “where my character”. its so tiny I can barely see it