New TRAIN RIDE @ Music


I want to thank @thoys @Konstantin for all the work on this and @AlphaVersionD for helping update as well Come take a ride on the train at Music.

  1. music place name does not work
  2. the entire directory listing is now gone

1b. After about ten minutes, music place name finally worked.
2b The directory link, which used to be at the top banner was removed. Now you have to scroll down through metaverse page through HF adverts to get to the featured domain, and there is the banner with “show domains”.
3. Hadn’t been to music fro a while, so a massive DL ensued, but then…
4. Could nor move avatar at all because DLs still have high priority over UI and movement.
5. After 5 minutes of that, I quit interface, and…
6. crash!

When will HD fix these basic bugs? Worse, they are actually regressions because this stuff used to work. Guys, try testing this on 20Mb connections, on 5Mb connections, etc. Stop using your internal 1Gb hard connections all the time (yes, it’s sooo nice, but you need to do QA). See how the rest of the world sees HF for a change.


Kevin, I truly hope to be able to see your train in action someday.

Not sure if others are running into problems at Music, but it’s pretty bad for me. Verified I have 18MbDN and 15MbUP. I get there and totally unable to move while a massive download happens. Worse, it looks like everything that was download earlier is gone or ignored. Quite interface, and crash.

Was curious about this so I streamed a 1080P video, all OK. Then streamed two 1080P 60Hz videos to two different computers, still good. So, not my setup.

BTW, would be awesome to see a domain with this kind of a scene:


Now @music, it’s loading a bit slow. Crashing while i tyry to find the train. when i did fly away from the cafe etc. No debug crah report window from high fidelity.

Anyway, there’s no train or train ride to try. And you know how much i like to have trains.


I understand the bandwidth issue however not yours @Richardus.Raymaker however the Train is running.


Well, Blame the cache for it. if you then hop to it it takes 1 or 2 minutes to load.

What is the schedule of the tram. I really have not seen it. Ok, now i see the train. strange the first time it where not visible at all. That is easy to make. it’s a bigger problem when it need to follow a track with curves.


The tram goes up and down the full length of the road. i dont have the exact measurements however you will see it there.


I did manage to hop onto it although I seemed to have slipped through the supposedly solid back wall. Given it was barely rendering, maybe the physics hull was not rendered at the time I hopped onto it. Then… interface crash :slight_smile: