New Twitter field for forum profiles


I’ve added a field for High Fidelity forum profiles where you can enter your Twitter handle, after noticing that a fair number of community members are active there.

The field is optional, and you can edit it whenever you need to. In addition to helping you connect with community members on Twitter (should you wish to), it will also help if someone sees something great you’ve done on the forum and wants to give you credit on Twitter.

To get to the field and fill it out, go to your profile, hit Preferences, and scroll down:

Entering a handle will cause it to appear on your forum card and profile like so:


How about a ‘Wallet ID’ field? I’ve seen some users just put it into their bio. Would be nicer to be an extra field, especially since it’s a Hifi feature.


I suppose it might be worth adding other fields, too. Skype, Tumblr, Diaspora, etc.