New User, Black Screen


Good day,
I was planning to participate in the Egyptology event today, but ran into trouble.
I’m on Oculus Rift. I installed High Fidelity via Oculus.

Today when I started High Fidelity from within Oculus, the screen within VR went black. A screen came up on my computer display telling me to put on the headset. I had the headset on already.

After a while the message to put on the headset went away, and the High Fidelity screen was just black. It also wouldn’t respond to any commands. I had to quit Oculus to get HF to quit.

This happened the same way twice.

I’m on an MSI Dragon Edition computer, and I don’t know a lot about tech specs.


Do any other VR apps work with your oculus rift? I have the black screen issue with my oculus sometimes and need to restart my computer.


Yes, I was in a couple of other applications and they worked.


Is there a way to uninstall High Fidelity and try reinstalling it? In case it installed poorly the first time? I did a search for how to do this online and could not find instructions. (And I don’t see the app listed in the usual place I’d look for them on my computer.)


When you say you “installed via oculus”, do you mean via the oculus store? You may need to uninstall from there and then clear your app data. I’ll put more thoughts in when I think of them.