New User Tutorials


I made a little video to help new users. (don’t share this link outside the forum)
Its Just some basic things
If I missed anything, and I’m sure I missed everything Feel free to make your own tutorial or even make little videos expanding on how to do things.
I know @Krysania Voxel builder extreme talked about doing a Voxel vid.
There are even now so many subjects to cover depending on the level of involvement you want.
Suggestions for further vids would be
Voxel building
Gitter, Jenkins,
Scripting how to get started- the demo scripts etc
How to submit a work list idea…


This is great @Judas You are putting together some really nice assets.



Thank you Judas :smiley: This will be extremely helpful to new alphas.


Wow brilliant Judas! Really well documented and great statement explaining everything for the new alphas!


Hey Judas, good job producing this, will save loads of time and frustration for new alphas. Nice one! - Dave


Thanks for the intro to hifi!
Seeing your video made me feel more comfortable with the client nearly immediately. :slight_smile:

My biggest question, now that I’ve flown around the sandbox a bit: What should I do now?`
How do I learn more about hifi? What can HiFi do for me, and what can I do for HiFi?

I’m a CS student, but don’t think I have the skill/experience necessary for e.g. the worklist.
Short of just diving into the source and/or playing around with the client, is there a way to get more familiar with hifi?


Hi @Alexander welcome to HiFi! There are alot of things you can do. We are in alpha so we are focused on testing all the technology out.

If you like to build or work with 3D models, you can bring in *.fbx models and experiment with placing them. You can also build with Voxels which are the core building blocks built into the interface.

We look forward to seeing you in world!