New users problems


If you arrive in hifi you cant find anyone because you don’t have a user list
and should your sound be detected incorrectly no one can explain how to fix it, settings-advanced menus+ developer after their enabled you can find audio devices and repair it because they cant hear you
and doing this using sign language with hand controllers is mildly challenging.

there is no txt chat to make up for this

People will give up fast, just a heads up


Just some feedback from spending a while in playa


I’m having the audio problem & so far I’ve failed to fix it.
I found everyone on Playa & I could see they were talking by their mouth & hand movements but I can’t hear them.
Very frustrating that there is no way to ask for help without text chat.

Neither of the output audio device settings produces any sound for me on HiFi.

Also, how do you tell who everyone is? How do I get the name tags back?
I can’t find a setting for that.


Most likely you just happened to come along at time the audio servers mayhave crashed again.


@Judas If there was a chat script in the Examples directory would that help much? Possibly not because you can’t tell someone with sound problems to press the “Examples” button and then find a chat script in the “Scripts” category. Unless you happened to have a sandwich board of instructions that you could wear as an attachment.


@Whirly.Fizzle Nametags are no longer built into Interface. I provide a nametags scripts at which displays users’ display names. Though note that nothing’s displayed for a user if they don’t set their display name, and a display name is not guaranteed identity.


I know "were not doing chat or user lists cos they are something"
but we can make all this stuff load on domain entry

its like were making shit difficult deliberately
which is fine if its a management decision but if this is the case why go on stage and tell people about it
i feel both embarrassed and a bit sorry for people who bother to try it out


@Judas I totally agree. The problems aren’t technical; they seem to be political. Frustrating!


Thanks, got that working.

Still trying to fix audio, but everyone disappeared :smiley:


thats a feature to reduce lag having the servers fail randomly


If you activate the developer menu under settings Then in the developer menu -> audio you can enable the echo server to hear yourself back. Mabye that helps you for now to test the audio setup. Also the playa audio server crashed for a short time.


Hey @Whirly.Fizzle, glad to see you here! If you ever need any help and want to IM me in SL I am Coal Edge.


At around 11:30AM PST, the audio mixer(s) serving domain Playa failed. We alphas knew the drill: do the seekrit jumping signal indicating audio is down. Unfortunately, all the other newcomers lost audio, had no clue what to do next, saw us hopping about, probably wondering what the heck scene they arrived in.

There was no standard BUILT-IN chat in interface. So, one of us tried making rezzing a whiteboard to write “Audio down”. That promptly crashed a few of us. Then one of us tried old school rezzing a text entity. Wups, no editing rights. By then people left.

Seriously, is this what management wants to see, people leaving because there is no communication modality other than voice chat? Can someone please give a rationale why this lack of text chat persists?

And comments like “you can create your own text chat” or “you can edit running scripts and start up the chat script” are utterly unacceptable.

During this beta period there must be a chat script running, even if the chat bar is initially invisible. Then when anyone does do a chat, as when audio fails, we can tell people what to do. OR, as is all too common, when people arrive with their audio not set up, again we can guide them through text chat.


I think there always need to run a chat system by default. that optional could be disabled on domain. Not a good choice btw. Chat need to come back in good way. that include some IM system to. Only not sure how to communicate between domains because that is a pain to. with and without voice.


Honestly believes that because they are all in the same office that these things don’t seem like a problem.
Its like when u make the telephone with 2 paper cups and string and go its workin


What @Judas said! - -


@Richardus.Raymaker An IM system is something they definitely won’t provide: they do not want to be in that business at all, which is understandable. In fact, one of their rationales for not providing text chat is along the lines of “as soon as we provide text chat they’ll want IMs”.


Well, everybody else. especially new visitors feel like this.


More like this: (go to time 1:46, youtube doesn’t honor the time parameter anymore)


Thats just how annoying high fidelity with voice is from the begin. No better example then this.


I have ctrlaltdavid’s chat app script launch as a default, and it works fine especially for emergency calls.
Given HFs thinking that involvement with a chat app is a a no no (remember HF is a platform not a service)
The issue seems to be - how do we point/direct new users to having to download a chat app script? Seems clumsy but… a case for a new users wiki