New users should not be allowed to have spaces in their usernames


Spaces are dangerous places, shouldnt be used in filenames and should probably also not be used in user names.

Maybe the system replaces it with an underscore but the user thinks they have registered a name with a space, and when they use it, it stops at the space and only recognizes the first word.

So at setup, the username should be rejected if it has spaces.


But, how do old users that registrted a name with space, and am sure there lot’s know what there real user name is inworld ? There’s no good wy to verify it. or look at it in your profilr ?


I wonder what it would take to adapt the underlying system to deal with spaces in names and in paths. Maybe something that early on in the chain converts the space into a special this-is-a-space characters-code like some web-address passers do? I’ve seen spaces in web addresses (such as a multi-word article title at Wikipedia) get converted into something with an & and some other characters in it where the space is. Basically, we’d need something that quietly, internally does that, and where all the underlying code then recognizes whatever that & code is and treats it accordingly as this-is-a-space and converts it back into a space before displaying it back at you or otherwise handing it at the end part of its process (i.e. plopping you down in that folder where the path has a space in it) transparently.


The NBSP (non-breaking-space) unicode character is probably what is being referenced by those number inserts. Or an equivalent.


It turns out the username in question was misquoted.
So this probably isn’t a bug, sorry. I was working with bad information.

@Richardus.Raymaker as far as I know, all users that had spaces in their names had them converted to either a dot or an underscore. I dont think there are any existing users with spaces, but I am thinking about when they first sign up and put in a space. What does the system do?
Does it reject the name and force the user to create a name with no space, in which case, all good. Or does it replace the space with an underscore and let the user think he has a space in his name?

This user doesn’t have a space in his name, so it may be that spaces are already disallowed by the system, in which case This is not a bug, sorry for the confusion.

But there is something wrong with this users’ username, I need to do more testing to narrow it down.


I was always told one of my problems was with the space between my ears


My name has a space but in code it is Cracker.Hax


@Cracker.Hax so you log in by using a space in your username?


Now I am having problems with dots in usernames, I will have to put it in the appropriate thread.

@Judas The amount of space between your ears is directly proportional to the size of your ears, just sayin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



In the voxel days, when the problem appeared i have replaced or the devs the space for a dot


Now there’s a piece of history.

You dont currently have a dot in your name.

My problem is I want to update the roles in my group, adding people to the builders role. Adding for example Richardus.Raymaker or balpien.hammerer, it doesnt take, and remains at resident, so at this point its a groups issue but I am sure it reaches into usernames.


Intressting, am ure i login with the dot between first and last name. Must be a bug somewhere.


Sorry Rich that was a crossed post, that post referred to Alf, whose username used to be captain.oculus, but is now dotless.

Your name however is currently having issues accepting a role change, and the main suspect atm is the dot.



Same cor me, it looks fine.


Yeah I see that you both dont have a problem, but I have a problem in groups.
It allowed me to add you both, then I added new roles and tried to upgrade some people, all the others worked ok, but 2 didnt, and I tried a few times, it just doesnt update. Both the names it has problems with have dots, so I am just connecting the dots.

Can we do an experiment, somebody with a group if either one of you have a group add the other guy, who’s got a group? send an invitation to either Ballzy or Richo and add me too please, I want to see the groups from the front end.

Once you add the guy with a dot and he accepts, then create a new role then try to update the dot guy to the new role, and see if it works, and do the same to my name as a test case with no dot.


No, I use Cracker.Hax